Kiwi Speak

kiwi-speak-new-zealand25,000 copies sold.

Published by Random House, 2008.
10 weeks on bestsellers list.

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Random House New Zealand
Mighty Ape

Do you speak Nu Zild? Over 150 years we have developed our own unique take on the English language. And it’s not just about fush and chups. Rather it’s about the often hilarious and sometime downright baffling New Zealandisms we use in all sorts of situations, and for all types of pastimes and passions. In Kiwi Speak, the top-selling author of Cricket Speak and Rugby Speak eavesdrops at the dinner table, the school yard, the farm and the sports club to bring us an entertaining dictionary of phrases and expressions.

Drawn from a wide range of popular Kiwi culture, these are sayings we used to say and sayings we shouldn’t say – but all toast the way New Zealanders yarn.

Chapters include: Mum Speak, Dad Speak, TV Speak, Retro School Speak, Saturday Sports Speak, Pub Speak.

Breakfast with Paul Henry on TVNZ. Paul talks to Justin who gives us a few of his favourite Kiwi sayings.