So excited to announce that my ebook UK on a G-String is now available on Nook, Apple, Kobo and many more online publishers. You’ll find the link here, choose your platform. Enjoy!

UK on a G-String

New Zealander Justin Brown bets an Australian mate that the All Blacks will thrash the Wallabies in an up-coming rugby match. They don’t. Forced to pay his debt, Justin has to busk his way around England until he earns enough money for his airfare home. Armed with a duffle coat and a guitar, he travels the country in mid-winter and knocks on doors and sings for his supper. He meets gipsies, drinks with Britain’s most famous street singer, harasses carol singers, plucks turkeys, speaks to J.K.Rowling and gets told to beat it 357 times.

For the next five days, the ebook version of my travel book In Search Of Swingers is absolutely free. Here’s what it’s all about:

Bestselling author Justin Brown (‘UK on a G-String’ and ‘Bowling Through India’) has the idea to tour the U.S and play golf with whoever is on the front page of the newspaper in every town he visits. Amazingly, he’s not arrested.

With charm and wit, Justin blags his way into meeting clowns, a young Beto O’Rourke, Stevie Wonder impersonators, crocodile wranglers and drunken beauty queens. His journey is full of mayhem, self-discovery and as it turns out very little golf. It is just the kind of book we need in these dire times. You’ll laugh and cringe at the situations this New Zealander gets into in a book that will restore your faith in mad journeys and the kindness of strangers.

Here is your free copy, please remember to leave a review when you’ve read the book!