Sometime last year I woke in the middle of the night with the title of a picture book rolling around in my head. The title was NANAS WITH NO MANNERS and that bizarre idea is now a book on the shelves in your local bookshop. Here is the story of Nana Martini in a bright pink bikini, Nana Bonita the very noisy eater, and Nana McCartan who couldn’t hold a fart in! These three nanas from the City of Seas never say thank you and never say please… and this leads to BIG trouble.

Below are pics from the book’s launch and reviews should you wish to check them out. I was particularly proud of Bob’s Book Blog where he said, “There is a message of good manners in this book and good reasons to be considerate with others, but if you like chocolate nachos with cheese all hell can break loose. I loved it and you will too.”

Other reviews:

What Book Next – “The mix of these three Nanas is pure gold.”

Poetry Box Review – “Every nana and every grandchild should read this book together! Yes!”

A great chat with NZ Booklovers