Untamed — Davey Hughes

untamedViewers will know him as the guy with guns, tusks, furs who pops up on Border Patrol.

He’s Davey Hughes, the founder of Swazi Outdoor Clothing. This   is his story. As a kid in Wainuiomata he spent the weekends in the hills going after pigs and possums. Now he’s hunted caribou in the Arctic circle, grizzlies in Alaska and buffalo in Tanzania.

But there’s more to Davey Hughes (aka Swazi Man) than a remarkable hunting life and a taste for adventure. He and his wife Maggie have built a outdoor clothing empire on their proudly made-in-New Zealand Swazi brand. He funds a Siberian tiger conservation campaign. He’s a passionate advocate for kids getting into our back country and enjoying the ‘roughing-it’ adventures that kick-started his remarkable life.

In this rollicking book written by Justin Brown, Davey shares his hunting tips, his scariest adventures, his favourite camp-cooking recipes and his poems. He even tells you how to skin a mountain lion.

Handy, should you ever meet one.