Shot, Boom, Score! Yours – for free!

written by Justin on March 31, 2020 in Blatant plugs with no comments

I’m getting some lovely messages from kids who have recently read my book Shot, Boom, Score! Now it’s yours for free – albeit as a PDF. Please feel free to read it, keep it, and share it so your mates can do the same.

Here’s what the book is all about:

‘Toby, if you get twenty wickets and ten tries before the end of the year, Mum and I’ll buy you a new GameBox V3.’ Can you believe it? One minute I’m in trouble for double-bouncing my sister and the next Dad is telling me I’ve got the new GameBox V3! And it’s not even Christmas. Shot! Toby thinks this will be easy – after all, he gets Player of the Day all the time. But he hasn’t reckoned on Malcolm McGarvy, one of the biggest bullies in school.

Click here for your copy of the book – – ShotBoomScore!