My new book THE UNDERERS is out now – as an ebook and in paperback form! Here’s what it’s all about:

Journee Blake hates the way she looks, despises her brother, and is tired of moving house due to her father constantly losing his job. But now she has a new problem. She is convinced there are strange beings living beneath her house. As Journee struggles to fit into her new school her father keeps blaming her for messing up the house, even though she knows it was clean before she leaves each morning. But Journee’s no fool. She finds out that the people messing with her house are white, glowing ‘strange beings’ called Underers. She knows this because late one night she discovers their magical world 101 steps beneath her bed.

Journee’s life is perfect until she receives a most unreasonable request from the Underers.

If she doesn’t meet her new family’s demands, they’ll be gone forever. 

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