Your dog ate what?

written by Justin on November 19, 2012 in Blatant plugs with no comments

My book ‘The Dog That Ate The Bathroom’ with illustrator Guy Harkness is in full swing. It’s been fun choosing images. Above  are some mock ups. Once the script was finished we opened up the phone lines on our breakfast show (Auckland’s Classic Hits) to see what bizarre items had been consumed by listener’s dogs. (Feel free to add to the list.)

Puzzle pieces, $6000 hearing aid

Had my tonsils out and they were next to the bed – dog ate them

Deceased pet rabbit which had been buried three weeks

Sheepskin rug, side of a pine table, the crutch of my knickers

100 vitamin tablets, a full fruit bowl and a gib board toilet wall

Last chapter of a book I was reading

4 seat belts 2 head rests and a heavy wooden garden gate

Cell phone, steering wheel, reading glasses and toothpicks