Myth New Zealand

Myth-New-ZealandPublished by Hurricane Press, 2010

This is Justin Brown’s search to find ‘the real New Zealand’ – the place where number 8 fencing wire fixes everything and sheep run amok. He puts some of our most popular myths through a 21st-century reality check with more than a dash of humour.

Ever wondered what happened to the Good Keen Man? Where are the new Burt Munroes? If the Pavlova is our national dish, why can’t we find it in restaurants? When’s the last time you used number eight wire? I love my country but it’s time we put it through a 21st Century reality check. Max Cryer had nice things to say about ‘Myth New Zealand: ‘Superb. I can’t believe the amount of research and concepts that are, shall we say ‘adjusted’ by Justin Brown. Fascinating, very, very, very well done. I picked it up thinking it was a clever title and it turns out every page has a myth about New Zealand we didn’t know.’

Justin being interviewed about the book (audio)

‘Comical, thought provoking look at our country’ — Nicky Pellegrino, Herald On Sunday.

‘Justin Brown is the natural heir to Max Cryer, except he’s shorter and can’t play the piano’. — Radio New Zealand broadcaster Jim Mora.

‘A humorous and provocative look at New Zealand and the way we see ourselves today’ — book critic Graham Beattie.

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