‘One of New Zealand’s highest-profile creatives’ – The NZ Herald, 2018.

Justin Brown is a TV producer and bestselling author who has published 33 books for adults and children. Bowling Through India and Kiwi Speak were two of three bestsellers he had in a single year. In 2012 he won a notable books award for his junior novel Shot, Boom, Score! In 2018 he was story creator for the musical City Of 100 Lovers. You’ll find a list of Justin’s titles below.




UK on a G-String (Random House)
Teed Off in the USA (Random House)
Kiwi Speak (Random House)
Bowling Through India (Random House)
Cricket Speak (Random House)
Rugby Speak (Random House)
Myth New Zealand (Hurricane Press)
The History of Hawkins Construction (Reddit Books)
Untamed: The Davey Hughes Story (Random House)
You’re a Real Kiwi When (Hurricane Press)
You’re a Real Rugby Fan When (Hurricane Press)
It’s a Real Kiwi Summer When (Hurricane Press)
Power Moves – A Maori Entrepreneur’s Journey From The Benefit To The Boardroom


Shot, Boom, Score! (Allen and Unwin)
Mike-Cool-As-You-Like: In Business (McGraw Hill)
Mike-Cool-As-You-Like: Out and About (McGraw Hill)
Mike-Cool-As-You-Like: Around the World (McGraw Hill)
Mike-Cool-As-You-Like: On Track (McGraw Hill)
Mike-Cool-As-You-Like: In Action (McGraw Hill)
William’s Wheel of Sport: Basketball (Clean Slate Press)
William’s Wheel of Sport: Soccer (Clean Slate Press)
William’s Wheel of Sport: Athletics (Clean Slate Press)
The Jones Trio: Andy Jones FM (Clean Slate Press)
The Jones Trio: The Magic Carwash (Clean Slate Press)
The Jones Trio: Runawayland (Clean Slate Press)
The Revolting Vegetables (Redit Books)


City Of 100 Lovers – Original Story Creator