A pigeon with rabies and a dead man with jelly falling out of him

written by Justin on April 12, 2013 in Random Style with one Comment

This week I spoke at Birkenhead Primary School as part of their annual book week. What a cool bunch of kids. They even made me a throne.

As usual, the best part of these talks are the questions the author receives once their spiel is complete. In my case, reading from my new junior novel (Shot, Boom, Score!), performing some magic tricks and harassing them for liking One Direction. Or Beiber. Or Selena Gomez.

‘Any questions?’ I asked.

‘Yep. Would you rather be a duck or a goose?’

‘Um, a goose I think. They’re funnier.’

‘No! It’s a duck. Cos you can eat them!’

‘Ooo…kay. Any other questions?’

‘Have you ever thought of doing a book about a talking pie?’

(Should be noted this question came directly after I read them my soon-to-be-released e-book ‘The Dog That Ate The Bathroom.’)

‘Um, no I haven’t. Though that is an interesting idea.’

The kids lined up at the end to get something signed (mostly homework books) and I asked one of the boys what he might like to write about next.

‘A story about a pigeon with rabies and a dead man with jelly falling out of him.’

Damn, I thought when I drove off. Why didn’t think of that?