My new book THE UNDERERS is out now – as an ebook and in paperback form! Here’s what it’s all about:

Journee Blake hates the way she looks, despises her brother, and is tired of moving house due to her father constantly losing his job. But now she has a new problem. She is convinced there are strange beings living beneath her house. As Journee struggles to fit into her new school her father keeps blaming her for messing up the house, even though she knows it was clean before she leaves each morning. But Journee’s no fool. She finds out that the people messing with her house are white, glowing ‘strange beings’ called Underers. She knows this because late one night she discovers their magical world 101 steps beneath her bed.

Journee’s life is perfect until she receives a most unreasonable request from the Underers.

If she doesn’t meet her new family’s demands, they’ll be gone forever. 

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I’ve found it heartening to receive early reviews for my new book Freakout Island. You might notice the author is Justin Christopher, this is my new pen name for children’s titles.


Theo Key, 12

I really like this book, because the characters are really fun, and they each have interesting personalities. I like the idea that Leo’s parents are professional competition winners, and how they never read the fine print on anything. I like Leo’s Habit of playing the video game “MidNite Raider”, and chewing dubbly bubbly bubble gum.

I found the storyline and the main idea intriguing. The idea of getting sent to Freakout Island would be a dream and a nightmare at the same time. If I was one character in the book, I would be Leo Wriggly, because I like his habit; eating bubble gum. I think you should read this book, because it is funny, exciting, and if you like Paul Jennings, you’ll love this.


James Russell, author of The Dragon Brothers. 

Bonkers, batty and completely bananas, Freakout Island is a hoot!


Taylor Malmo

Freakout Island is, put simply, a marvellous book (which is not a phrase that I throw around excessively when talking about literature). It seems to be made of a wonderful concoction of heart, humour, and sheer unfiltered happiness, all held together by a copious amount of pink bubble-gum. The tone is reminiscent of Roald Dahl’s work, with a fantastic story and an endearing cast of characters. I realised, as I lay in bed last night reading the whole thing, that I felt like a 10-year-old again. Granted, it hasn’t been that long since I was a 10-year-old, but as I lay there chuckling to myself, I felt like I should be reading the story under the covers with a torch in hand. It is a book that just radiates joy. I laughed, and gasped, and worried about the characters’ fates, and I loved every second of it.

Freakout Island is a worthwhile read for children of any age and brings out the gum-swallower in all of us.

An easy 5/5 stars.

And here is Hannah with her review!

So what’s it all about?

10-year-old Leo Wriggly lives with his mum and dad who are Professional Competition Winners. In one particularly lucky week, they win a trip for themselves and a trip for Leo to visit a brand new theme park called Friendly Island.

As his parents depart, Leo’s Aunt Margo arrives to babysit, but unlike his parents, she is a stickler for fine print and happily sends her nephew to Friendly Island ‘where chronically misbehaving children are sent to correct their disgusting habits’.

Leo arrives on the island with four other children. At first, it seems like Disneyland, there are dolphin rides and monkey safaris! But there’s a catch. Each mealtime, the children are tricked into drinking a potion that transforms them. Harriet, whose habit was to chew her hair, has grown a bird’s nest on her head. Felix, the boy who picked his nose, has had his brain fall out. Ricky, who kept swearing, can now only squawk like a parrot. Eden, who stole money from her mother’s purse, has hands made of glue. And Leo Wriggly, whose only crime was to swallow gum, must endure blowing massive bubbles out of his butt!

Can this young boy save his friends before the island’s Komodo dragon eats them all for supper?




You’ll notice I am writing as Justin Christopher. Here’s what happened. I emceed an event with (the) Lee Child a few years ago and as we chatted in the green room he asked me whether I had written fiction, and if so, what name I chose to put on the cover. ‘Brown,’ he said, had been stolen by a certain Dan. So he asked me my middle name: Christopher. I liked the sound of it. 

Enjoy Freakout Island, there are more stories to come.

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I’m getting some lovely messages from kids who have recently read my book Shot, Boom, Score! Now it’s yours for free – albeit as a PDF. Please feel free to read it, keep it, and share it so your mates can do the same.

Here’s what the book is all about:

‘Toby, if you get twenty wickets and ten tries before the end of the year, Mum and I’ll buy you a new GameBox V3.’ Can you believe it? One minute I’m in trouble for double-bouncing my sister and the next Dad is telling me I’ve got the new GameBox V3! And it’s not even Christmas. Shot! Toby thinks this will be easy – after all, he gets Player of the Day all the time. But he hasn’t reckoned on Malcolm McGarvy, one of the biggest bullies in school.

Click here for your copy of the book – – ShotBoomScore!

I was recently interviewed by Danny McCrum on his podcast ‘Don’t Give Up Your Day Job.’

It’s strange talking about your creative journey and the decisions you made along the way. In the chat, we cover Thomas Magnum, JK Rowling, turkey plucking, lost bets, sharing a green room with Graham Norton, and I discovered that back in the day I wanted to be pilot. Who knew?

I enjoyed this interview, hope you do too. Here’s the link.

Once upon a time I toured the US and played golf with whoever was on the front page of the newspaper in each town I visited. Amazingly, I was never arrested. I met clowns, Stevie Wonder impersonators, crocodile wranglers and drunken beauty queens. In El Paso, I hung out with a young Beto O’Rourke, who is now a superstar politician about to ‘trump’ Trump by running for President. (google him – he’s massive, interviewed by Oprah yesterday.) There were so many stories I decided to put them into a book – In Search of Swingers – hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the first chapter.

Intro – In Search of Swingers

SO IT GOES LIKE THIS. I like golf, but mostly I like meeting people. My previous travel books (‘One Man, 23 Beers and a Crazy Bet’ and ‘Bowling Through India’) are proof of that. The former involved street singing around the UK in the middle of winter (door-to-door I might add) and trying to make enough money to fly home. The latter was a case of five grown men gallivanting around the most populous nation on earth and losing cricket matches against nine-year-olds.

The book you are reading has a similar theme, only this time my idea was to tour the U.S. and play golf with whoever happened to feature on the front page of the newspaper in whatever town I happened to be visiting.

As you’ll see, it was a scary, brilliant, eye-opening look at a wonderful country.

Since this trip, new towers have been built in Manhattan and New Orleans is still recovering from the effects of Katrina. But friendships live on and many of the Americans you’ll meet in the following pages are still my friends today. Thank you to anyone who took this crazy adventure seriously.

Justin Brown

Bowling Through India by Justin Brown – Kindle ebook link 

What’s it all about?

Joined by a high-country farmer, a businessman, a photographer and a shoestring traveller named Blanket Boy, the amateur sportsmen take to the streets of India to face off against kids who can bat and bowl like demons. Amidst the sledging and inappropriate jokes, the Black Craps, as they name their team, learn about life, love, death, compassion and the fascination of India.

A book about travel, humour, mateship and the love of cricket that unites people whatever their age, race and station, Bowling Through India is an endearing and affecting read.

What do readers say?

Kit Packer (Amazon review)

If you’ve ever fancied going on a road trip with your best friends, this story will only make you want it more! Though the road trip has cricket as its central theme, the real story here is what happens when friends escape their ‘normal’ lives and get the chance to go crazy, lots of laughs.

Sasha Naryshkine (Amazon review

Great fun, well written, loved it. In fact loved it so much that I wanted to organise my own team to head off to India to do the same!

raveburbleblog (Amazon review)

Justin Brown describes India in words I never would have thought of and had me cracking up all the way through. I’m only giving him four stars though, ‘cos he went and made me homesick for the place, the rotten sod.

And here is the book – for free.



I was invited to write a story concept for what was to become a live musical comedy about Auckland. The story would encompass love, travel, Auckland city itself, and most importantly, showcase New Zealand to the rest of the world. The City of 100 Lovers was born, an 80-minute show, with more than 150 costumes, 16 musical numbers, including 11 original songs.

I’ll admit I may have been rocking on the back of my heels pre-show but there was no need. City of 100 Lovers kicked off with a thunderous bang. Brilliant and funny with a tuneful crew, this is a show for Kiwis from all backgrounds, with a few un-pc and inappropriate moments biffed in for good measure. I may have had a tear in my eye during the final song.

Creative Crew: Justin Brown, Vincent Ward, Tony Stimac, Tom McLeod, Taiaroa Royal, Ian Aitken. 

Above: An early draft of City of 100 Lovers.

I was approached to write an original story concept for what was to become a live musical comedy about Auckland. Where to start! Exactly. In my opinion, the story needed to encompass love, travel, the city itself, and most importantly, to showcase NZ to the rest of the world. The City of 100 Lovers was born. Since then I’ve been closely associated with the show and rehearsals are looking all G. And just today, Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote to me and said how much he loves it.*

*citation needed.