THE DOG THAT ATE THE BATHROOM (as read by author's children who were paid in lollies)

Recently I got my two girls (Sophie and Georgia) to read THE DOG THAT ATE THE BATHROOM. Just click on the cover to hear. I think they did a great job, though British accents weren’t part of the original plan. There were a lot of laughs. Maybe I should post the unedited version one day.

The Dog That Ate The Bathroom

The idea for this e-book started out as a joke. My daughter (Sophie) and I were bored, so decided to think up ridiculous things. Once finished, she took the story to school and her class loved it, as did the teacher who passed it on to other classes. A few tweaks later we had a story. A few beers later I had an illustrator. And now you have the finished product.

This is the latest picture book I’m working on with illustrator Guy Harkness. Like many things, the project started out as a joke. My daughter and I were bored one afternoon and tried to think of the craziest thing we could think of. A dog called Mr Nut who ate bathrooms came to mind. My daughter took the book to school and the response was great. Damn! Now we actually had to do something about it! We’re working on it. Story is complete – pics are almost there.Image